… Creating Space for New Perspectives

Engaging_webWe need these more than ever, as …

Internet and technology profoundly alter our way of thinking, communicating, acting.

Globalisation, economic developments and their crisis, demographic movements completely revamp our economic, political and cultural conditions.

… And thus change our way of living, learning and shaping our environment.

Being able to change perspective, broaden the view on our own situation, on our organisation and our environment creates new insights and outlooks, fresh ideas and contacts.

It is an ability which helps us to cope with constant change and the need for life long learning – and more so: to enjoy and shape it!

Learn and act in a more open, responsible, creative and future-oriented way.

Through my work I wish to contribute in three ways to strengthen this ability in people and in their organisations:


… for Higher Education and Executive Development Institutions, Corporate Academies and Universities, Departments of Human Resource Development.

Focus of my consulting work are questions of continuing education, executive and leadership development, in an international context.
I work with you as the responsible leaders in your organisation on:

Which strategy is appropriate for your organisation and your target groups ?
How and for whom can you develop continuous learning concepts, which content and which resources are needed ?
How can you build and market a successful programme portfolio ?
How can responsible (global) leadership be developed and trained ?
How much international scope is necessary and how to implement it ?
Which quality processes are needed and which international quality sytems/accreditations are useful ?


… Programmes for Higher Education and Executive Development Institutions, Non-Profit and Non-Government Organisations, Corporate Academies

Strenghtening authentic leadership competence and innovation spirit:

Together with you and your team I co-create diverse concepts and programme formats around topics of responsible leadership and societal relevance. They are always based on a change of perspective – and that can happen in very diverse ways: social, cultural, geographical …
For current, to be and outgoing leaders, managers of non-profit organisations, members of the higher education community (academia and administration).
Today’s and tomorrow’s leaders and movers are flooded by information and constipated by cognitive knowledge. Let participants discover new insights and develop different but applicable ideas through the exposure to totally different realities and views, through joint reflexion and resulting relevant project work (for example with an Innovation-Expedition in search of the Renaissance areas of today).

My method: Exposure → Reflexion → Action ERA

Based on the identification of your specific topics I will work with you on the programme design and organisation and offer moderation where appropriate.
I work with a diverse network of experienced international consultants, trainers and artists.


… for Current, to Be and Outgoing Leaders, Managers of Non-Profit Organsiations, Members of the Higher Education Community (in Academia and Administration)

A need and a desire for personal coaching on specific topics or issues often emerge naturally out of my consulting work and the learning experiences in the programmes. The conversations deepen the learning, focus more concretely on own, very personal life situations, create awareness and energy for new own spaces for action.
As a trained systemic coach I also offer individual coachings, independently from programmes or consulting projects.

For people who want to
 address issues around their leadership role in their organisation and team,
 reflect about their personal development potential and path, also beyond their structured work reality (55+),
 deal with intercultural issues in their environment.

I also like to work with women who struggle with balancing the challenges of professional leadership responsibility with their private live needs.
My many years of international professional experience in diverse roles – from free lancer and consultant to managing director – allow me to gain a quick understanding of very different life situations and to support the clients in discovering new perspectives for themselves and for their environment.

I work in German, English, French, Italian and have good knowledge of Spanish.



Notice: For the sake of easy reading, I have used the male gender throughout this website.
This should by no means be interpreted as a disregard for my own gender.