Exposure Reflection Action

ERA offers a space, resources and the unique opportunity

 For emotional exposure and experiential learning

 For reflection on and awareness of the broader context of the own reality, be it in business, society, communities

 For more creativity, deeper holistic thinking, stronger capacity for dialogue and for change of the individual manager and for his/her organisation and environment


 Experiencing radically different realities

 Living through emotional inspiration and challenge

 Discovering diverse cultural values and socio-political perspectives

 Using the arts as a senses-opening personal experience

 Reflecting the impact on own behaviours and views

 Reviewing own options for change and improvement

 Applying insights to the own environment


 All those who have people responsibility, decision making power and accountability for the success of their activities and their organisations

 All those who are about to take on the above challenges

ERA phases include:

 An experiential learning/exposure part for the manager in a totally different environment from his/her own, be it professional, geographic, social, cultural. This will be tailored to the specific leadership development needs and goals and around broad topics of relevance both for his/her work and for the organisation’s values and

 A facilitated time for reflection and exchange on the insights gained from these experiences: Awe, irritation, inspiration, embarrassment – dilemmas, questions, challenges of values, ethics, culture … This phase is preceded by own or e-based group work on relevant selected material of different sources (philosophy, history, politics, drama, arts)

 A facilitated session on the application of the ERA experience to the personal and professional context – improving system thinking, empathy, team motivation,innovation competence and ambiguity tolerance … leading to concrete steps for leadership improvement.

ERA will be implemented in co-creation with the customer and in cooperation with partners of different domains, depending on development objectives.